INTRODUCING: A Workout Program Designed Specifically For Surfers
Attention Surfers: 
 How Would You Like To Catch More Waves?
Surfing requires strength, endurance, and power in very specific muscles. This workout program will help you target the muscles that are required in order to catch waves easily and more often. Plus, I've included a 1 hour vinyasa yoga, a fun and dynamic H.I.I.T workout that will help you with the paddle out, surfing specific stretching and myofascial release to improve recovery and prevent overuse injuries.
There really is no catch here except for all the waves you'll be "catching" after just a few weeks of Fit To Surf! Whether you surf daily or have never surfed before and want to learn, this complete workout program is for you!!!
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 Strength Training Program with 12 key exercises that will build surfing specific strength and power. 
 H.I.I.T. Workout to build you lactic threshold so you can make it to the outside. 
 Foam Rolling & Myofascial Release to break up adhesions and improve recovery   
 A 1 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Class that targets the specific muscles that tend to get tired or overtrained when surfing a lot
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Robyn Robledo has been a health, yoga, empowerment, and life coach for the past 30 years. For the past 6 years she's traveled the world with her husband and 5 children in search of epic surf breaks in Hawaii, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, France, and Bali. When she isn't surfing, she's seeking flow state through rock climbing or mountain biking. She believes flow state is a crucial aspect of living a happy and fulfilling life and is on a mission to help women around the world overcome self limiting beliefs so they too can chase their dreams (and  waves) and live a stoked life!
all of this is included in fit to surf:
Strength and Conditioning
Surfing requires strength, endurance, & power in specific muscles. This workout program will help you target the muscles that are required in order to catch waves easily and more often.
Surfing Specific Stretches & 1 Hour Vinyasa Yoga 
If you love yoga, you are going to love me guiding you through this one hour vinyasa yoga that targets the entire body and creates flexibility in your muscles and more zen in your life.
PreHab & Myofascial Release For Common Surfing Injuries
Mobility is very important for all sports and in this course I'll show you the most important prehab exercises and body work that will help to improve recovery and prevent overuse injuries.
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